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1.The December 31, 1984, balance sheet and income statement for Mayberry Cafeterias, Inc. are presumptuousness a. guess the specified ratios, and compare them to the industry average (better or worse). b.If you were official monetary manager of the party, what decisions would you make based on your findings? equipoise Sheet Cash Marketable Securities Accounts Receivable strain Prepaid Expenses real Assets crude(a) plant and equipment little: stack away Dep. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
fire Plant and Equipment$ 17 5 3 16 6 $ 47 $ 126 (57) 69Accounts Payable Notes Payable Taxes Payable opposite Accruals Cu rrent Liabilities Long-term debt Preferred mental strain Common Stock Capital contributed in bare of par Retained profits$ 7 3 2 3 $ 15 $ 35 10 20 10 26 Total Assets$ 116Total Liabilities and Stockholders fair-mindedness$ 116 Income Statement make Sales Cost of Goods sold Gross Profit Selling Expense General and Administrative outgo Depreciation dismiss Income Interest Expense Profit in the beginning taxes Taxes Net Income$ 1,072 921 152 86 26 6 $ 33 4 $ 29 12 $ 17 Ratios to Compute1984 Mayberry collapse or worsened1984 attention Average (%) Current Quick Debt-Equity Times engage flowing Average Collection period Inventory Turnover Fixed-asset upset Operating profit shore Net profit margin Book consecrate on assets Book return on equity3.13 1.67 0.76 8.25 1.02 57.56 15.54 0.031 0.016 0.167 0.26Better Worse Worse Worse Better Worse Worse Worse Worse Worse Worse2.86 2.31 0. 51 12.36 1.06 95.71 16.15 0.036 0.019 ! 0.192 0.271 ? ? 2.On January 1, 1982, you appointed Tanya Dawkins as financial planner and manager for you family-owned local chain of seafood restaurants. utilise the companys balance sheets for the last three years, esteem her writ of execution in each of the following areas: improving the trues short-term solvency, asset utilization, and profitability. Balance Sheet...If you want to nominate a full essay, order it on our website:

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